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About Us


Clean. Green. Reliable.

Petroleum Tec.

Our mission at Petroleum Tec is to provide turnkey diesel fuel solutions that are clean, green, and reliable for today's Tier 4 engines. We lead the industry providing a patented solution resulting in polished fuel, clean tanks, and zero downtime, all while eliminating waste.


Our Vision

Sustainable Fuel Solutions

Petroleum Tec plays a critical role in bridging the gap between clean fuel and sustainability. We are passionate about stellar fuel performance that minimizes environmental impacts to enable a sustainable tomorrow.



Our fuel polishing service eliminates water, contaminates, and foreign objects from your fuel, ensuring your fleet maintains exceptional performance you can count on.



We provide complete fuel tank cleaning (including filter replacement) - not just polished fuel. This provides our clients with peace of mind not only about their next fuel-up, but the lifespan of their fleet as well. Additionally, our service yields no waste - sustaining a bright future for all.



Petroleum Tec's patented tank cleaning and fuel polishing solution allows for continuous access to your fuel during your service providing a seamless experience, start to finish.

Why You Need Us

Sustainable Fuel Solutions

Fuel contaminates, (especially particulates and water) are prevalent in the infrastructure used to deliver diesel fuel between a refinery and a clients bulk storage tank. This infrastructure includes the pipeline, barges and ships, terminal storage tanks, retail storage tanks, and trucking fleet that deliver fuel to you.


The most common fuel contaminate is water, supporting over 45 species of microbial growth. Microbial growth feeds on fuels hydrocarbons, causing rapid clogging of filtration systems, and engine shutdown.


Petroleum Tec’s patented solution stands out in the industry; we don’t just polish fuel, we are a complete solution for fuel and tank systems management.


Want More Information?

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